Sunset from our terrace

Kurtuluş Creek


Living room with fireplace

The Beach

Dr. Taflan Farmhouse

The Beach


  • How about a nice calm, relaxed holiday at Dr. Taflan Farmhouse situated in the middle of fruit and vegetable gardens at Caka Beach near the Persembe village of Ordu city where the only noise you can hear are birds singing? Our Farmhouse also has a tourism establishment certificate.

  • Opened its doors recently in 2013, it is possible to do many outdoor activities at the farmhouse running by the Arslan family. Don’t you wanna pick up your fruits and vegetables from the trees yourself, go fishing on the beach, take your eggs from the poultry yourself, enjoy the most beautiful beach of the Black Sea or wake up with the chants of birds?


  • We are waiting for you if you wish to get away of the noise and chaos of the city life.
  • We have 8 rooms at Dr. Taflan Farmhouse and the Arslan Family are leaving at the 9th room.

  • Dr. Taflan gives you the opportunity to live naturally and to taste everything that is natural. We are waiting for you to taste the freshest fruits, vegetables and fishes.


  • We are open 12 months.

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